King Herod has married Herodias, his brother’s widow. Herod is devoted to his stepdaughter Salomé. On his birthday celebration, he wants to maker her to dance for him, but she refuses. Herodias encourages her daughter to do so; allowing her daughter to be the lust interest of her husband. However, Salomé refuses because she is only interested in John the Baptist, who on the other hand Herod fears. Salomé tries to seduce the prophet, but his status as a holy man does not let him be carried away by his feelings. Disappointed and frustrated, Salomé agrees to dance for her stepfather. In a sensual and frantic performance, she takes on the dance of the seven veils. The king, fascinated by the dance, would give Salomé anything she asks for. He is surprised when Salomé requests, in defiance, the head of John the Baptist. The king, reluctantly, fulfills her wish. When the head of the saintly man is presented to Salomé on a tray, she realizes thar she is still in love with him. Grief-stricken, Salomé commits suicide hanging herself.

Direction and Composition

Art Direction
Aída Gómez
scene director
Carlos Saura
Musical composition
Roque Baños and Tomatito
José Antonio
Lighting Design
Nicolás Fischtel
Costume Design
Pedro Moreno


Juan Bautista
Carlos Romero